September 18, 2021
Doctor On Computer

Did You Know? You Can Answer “No.”

Did you know? You can answer “No” to these questions when you renew your license with the North Dakota Board of Medicine if you’re participating with us at NDPHP (The North Dakota Professional Health Program)...
September 17, 2021
Doctor walking in snowy scene

Do you ever wonder if you may have a drinking problem?

As a practitioner, you probably have a preferred screening or diagnostic tool you use with patients to identify whether they’re dealing with an alcohol or...
March 26, 2019
Students With CPR Dummy

How to Tell If Your Med Student Is Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

Studies indicate that substance abuse among medical students is growing and is more prevalent than previously thought. The stresses and high demands of medical school lead...
July 20, 2018
Physician Burnout

Telltale Signs of Physician Burnout

Burnout is associated with any type of service work that requires high levels of creativity, problem solving, or mentoring. The term burnout was coined in the 1970s to describe detrimental psychological effects occurring as...
May 10, 2017


I am one of the 10-15% of people in healthcare that at one time abused alcohol. I was aware of the problem but didn’t have a […]