Did You Know? You Can Answer “No.”

Doctor On Computer

Every year, when you renew your license with the North Dakota Board of Medicine, or when you first apply, you come across two questions like this:

  • Have you been treated for any physical, mental or emotional condition which impaired or could be said to impair your ability to practice safely and competently?
  • Do you currently have or since the time of your last application renewal have you had a dependency on the use of or engaged in the excessive or habitual use of alcohol or drugs which impaired or does impair your ability to practice medicine safely and competently?

Did you know, you can answer “No” to both questions if you’re participating with us at NDPHP (the North Dakota Professional Health Program) or a physician’s health program in another state?

If you’ve signed an intent to participate with us, and are compliant in the program, you can legally answer “No” to these two questions.

The North Dakota Century Code Backs This Up

Here’s the full text of North Dakota Century Code 43-17.3 for your reference:

A licensee, who is participating in, or who has completed a contract for treatment with and has been discharged from, the physician health program, who is in full compliance with all facets of the treatment plan, or has completed treatment and is compliant with aftercare, may answer in the negative on any question on the application to the board for licensure or licensure renewal regarding current  impairment by that condition or those conditions for which the licensee is currently participating in or has been discharged from the physician health program.

However, any recurrence of the impairing condition or conditions or the existence of other potentially impairing conditions that are not currently known to the physician health program must be reported on the application.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you are licensed through the North Dakota Board of Medicine, are a physician assistant student or medical student dealing with alcohol or substance use issues, or impairing physical, mental or emotional conditions, NDPHP is here to help you. We’ve helped many health care professionals, giving them healing and hope for the future.

Your privacy and confidentiality is extremely important to us. We keep all voluntary involvement with us strictly confidential.

Take the first step toward healing and wholeness by visiting www.ndphp.org or calling 701-751-5090.